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Mycotoxin Analysis

Mycotoxins are compounds that are produced by moulds. Some are very toxic, like aflatoxin and some are beneficial, like penicillin.

Veterinary Drugs

In modern agricultural practices, veterinary drugs are being used on a large scale & can affect the public health and the international trade of food products.

Medicated Feeds

Medicated feeds are instrumental in maintaining animal health and promoting growth and feed efficiency.

Pesticide and Environmental Safety

Pesticide is a generic term that identifies a wide spectrum of synthetic compounds with biocide activity used worldwide to combat weeds, fungi and insects with the intention of increasing productivity in agriculture.

Food Additives and Contaminants

The laboratory specialises in the analysis of small organic molecules. It uses chromatographic separation science on both Gas Chromatographic and Liquid Chromatographic separation systems.

Have Questions?

How long does it take to analyse a sample in the laboratory?

It normally takes 10 working days to complete an analysis, provided that the laboratory was informed 2 weeks in advance about the delivery of the samples and the matrix/analyte combination is known to the laboratory. Batch sizes of between 8 and 12 samples will also get priority above batch sizes of between 1 and 6 samples. See also “How to improve the Turn around time in the laboratory” on the Sample submissions page under Contact us.

What type of analyses can be done by the laboratory?

The FDA laboratory specializes in the analysis of small organic compounds. We make use of top of the range chromatographic equipment only. Instrumentation available include GC & LC-TOF (time of flight) MS, LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS (tandem MS). The FDA laboratory specializes in the areas of veterinary drugs, pesticides, medicated feeds and contaminants in food and feed in general.

What accreditation does the laboratory hold?

The laboratory holds SANAS technique accreditation as per schedule. The certificate is available on the SANAS website under T0410. SANAS (The South African National Accreditation System) is a governmental body that monitors the implementation of ISO 17025 Quality system within the laboratory.

Why does the laboratory not prepare composite samples?

The preparation of composite samples takes time, care and consideration on the part of the owner of the samples. The laboratory does not take responsibility for the sampling procedure that may have an influence on the final results of an analysis.

Who can clients contact to obtain information regarding analysis?

For Sample submissions: reception@fdalab.co.za
For account, price structure and formal quotations: accounts@fdalab.co.za
For Technical information and price structure: azel@fdalab.co.za
The Laboratory work schedule for the completion of samples can be obtained from any of these contact email addresses.

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About Us

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