Medicated Feeds

Medicated feeds are instrumental in maintaining animal health and promoting growth and feed efficiency. However, it is important that medicated feeds are properly manufactured and withdraw times be observed. If label instructions are not followed, animal health can be adversely affected and may result in illegal tissue residues.

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The FDA Laboratories therefore offers a service directing at the determination of feed additives classified as “contaminants in feed”. The services we offer specialize in the determination of the correct inclusion rate of veterinary drugs in feeds, premixes and water. We also assist the feed mills in determining carryover, if any, of medication between different batches in the feed mill. These analyses are referred to as trace level analysis and are usually determined in concentrations less than 1 mg/kg of feed.

General Capabilities

  • Active ingredient testing of medicated premixes and feeds
  • Pre-mixes, feeds or active ingredients
  • Regulatory compliance testing of animal feed products

Special Expertise

  • Feed sample grinding & extraction
  • Multi component analysis
  • Method development & validation
  • Trace level determination of between batch carry over

Equipment and Processes

  • HPLC
  • LC-MS/MS
  • UV Spectroscopy
  • GC-TOF (MS)
Examples of Feed Additives
Flavomycin Lasalocid Maduramycin-NH4 Monensin-Na
Narasin Nicarbazin Salinomycin Trimethoprin
Lincomycin Tylosin Amoxacylin Fosfomycin Calsium
Tiamulin Colistin Sulphate Zinc Bacitracin Olaquindox
Sulfadiazine Sulfadoxine Sulfachloropyridiazine Sulfadimethoxine
Sulfadimidine Sulfamerazine Sulfamethoxanol Sulfapyridine
Doxycycline Tetracycline Oxytetracycline Chlortetracycline